Item #SHEL1397 POLE BLESSING. George Berlin.


Denver: np, 1982. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Fine. Item #SHEL1397

George Berlin, a clergyman (not the Chicago designer/artist) in Denver, in the early 1982 created several accomplished fine art paintings and prints. I did not know his art training, but it was advanced. Offered here is the Artist's Proof of his "Sun Dance: Pole Blessing." It is a striking, well-executed serigraph print. Showing dimensions: 18" x 23 3/4". This piece is framed & under glass. The frame dimensions are 23/ 1/2" x 28 1/4". I have hung this print in my home for many years and it is time for me to make it available to another home, gallery, or studio that appreciates fine art in the American Indian / Native American / First Nations tradition. Some years after acquiring this and a couple of other pieces by Father Berlin, I had a chance to have lunch with him. Unfortunately I do not recall details of his complete background. The buyer will, along with the asking price, additionally purchase packaging and shipping by UPS. Please inquire for an estimate according to your ship-to location. Again, please don't confuse this artist with the artist of the same name who is far more prominent.

Price: $501.00