Portland: Sandy's Camera Shops, 1981. Hardcover. Very Good. Item #1912022

Original photograph collection. Oblong textured simulated leather decorated hard binder 10 1/2" x 13/34", with 20 metal ring snaps. 1 page double column printed introduction. Laid in: a small plastic container of volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helen's. This is a remarkable collection of 60 color snapshot photographs, each approx. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" purportedly taken by Mr. Covert. They are fitted into10 card leaves, each side with an opening for three photos. Some photos are snug & in place; others are loose and sliding around a little in their spaces. The photos are not in chronological order, although a buyer might be able to arrange them approximately so with not too much effort. These photos were shot, many from an airplane flying near the mountain, in the days before the May 20, 1980 eruption, the day of (including a handful apparently taken in the first moments!) the eruptoin, and some after the eruption. Included are also three photographs of the 1979 solar total eclipse seen from Portland. Abundant photographs may be found on-line and in books of the Mt. St. Helen's eruptions, but some of these are special in your bookseller's opinion because of the fact that the photographer was in the air near the mountain taking them! Many I have never seen before, although surely some were published in various print products. I am not certain if the July eruption may be represented or not in a couple of photos, but the vast majority are of the May eruption, before, during, and after. As I (your bookseller) look at even these snapshot photos, I am once again in awe over the power and magnitude of this cataclysmic event. Sandy's shop(s) were well known to regional photographers and customers for many years, but it apparently no longer exists. An internet search brings us several references to Mr. Covert. The album is a bright black with three gold-stamped decorative motifs on the front cover & on the spine. The corners have some splitting to the vinyl material & there is a nick on one joint. The photographs are in fine condition and are sharp.

Price: $502.00