LINCOLN COUNTY, WISCONSIN, PLAT BOOK, 1944 and large folding map of same. Wisconsin.

LINCOLN COUNTY, WISCONSIN, PLAT BOOK, 1944 and large folding map of same

M & M Plat Book, Co., Merrill, 1944, 1944. First Thus. Hardcover. Very Good. Item #SHEL044

Folio cloth. The closed size is 13 1/2" x 16 1/4", and the book opens to 27 1/2" wide. There are 44 numbered pages of township maps, town maps & city maps (with the city & town lots defined & numbered, but few owners are named), Properties around lakes & along rivers are allotted. Developments & subdivisions are named. Outside the towns & cities themselves, virtually all parcels of land show the names of the owners. There is also an abundance of block advertising in the book. Where else will you find places like Midget Bar ("The Biggest Little Bar in Northern Wisconsin") and also Tiny's Bar. Both were in Merrill. Yes, and believe it or not, there is a block ad for Rhode's Gesundheit Tavern. Cities & towns include Bay Mills, Bradley, Doering, Courtland, Gleason, Hathaway, Irma, Spirit Falls, & Tripoli. Lakes include Anderson, Buteau, Copper, Knight, Pesobic, Muskellunge, Silver. Rivers include of course the Wisconsin & the Tomahawk. Map legends call attention to Federal & State Highways, County Trunks, Town Roads, Unimproved Roads, Fire Lanes, Rail Roads, and Abandoned railroads. Add to these Town Halls, Schools, Churches & Cemeteries, & even Cheese Factories (I have capitalized all these from the title page for emphasis). This plat book is very, very scarce & is found in only a handful or so of libraries in Wisconsin. Truly an interesting and useful find for anyone who loves N. Wisconsin. Lincoln Co. is in northern Wisconsin and is intersected by U.S. highways 8 & 51. It remains today a beautiful area of forests, fields, farms, lakes, rivers & streams. PLUS: Large, 35" x 36" Lincoln County, Wisconsin, map. Authorized in 1939 & drawn in 1940 by Carl M. Moe. Published in 1940. A Works Progress Administration (W. P. A.) map. Very detailed map showing Town Lines, Township Lines, Private Farm Drives, Federal Highways, State Highways, County Trunks, Town Roads, Unimproved Roads & Trails, Fire Lanes, Rail Roads, Abandoned Rail Roads, Town Halls, Schools, Churches & Cemeteries, and Cheese Factories. The map includes, of course, the cities of Merrill & Tomahawk, and all the smaller towns, such as Gleason, in the county. Rivers & streams include the Wisconsin and Tomahawk Rivers, and the occasional dam. All the lakes are shown. Towers (fire towers?) are indicated (Zenith, Corning, & Lookout Mountain to name a few). Townships are clearly shown, and Ranges & Township numbers are given. There are too many place names to enumerate, but include places like Grandfather Falls, Grandmother Falls, Council Grounds, the Father Menard Monument. There are a number of old logging camps located, along with logging camp roads and logging railroads. The number of cheese factories is remarkable. Condition: very good with only the occasional split at the folds (Will be shipped in the folded state). A remarkable map. Very, very scarce set.

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