LOCI THEOLOGICI cum per adstruenda veritate tum per destruenda quorumvis contradicentium falsitate PER THESES NERVOSE SOLIDE ET COPIOSE explicati (1762 - 1781) (Gerhard Loci). Iohannis Gerhardi, Johann Gerhard, Ioannes Gerhardus, John Gerhard.

LOCI THEOLOGICI cum per adstruenda veritate tum per destruenda quorumvis contradicentium falsitate PER THESES NERVOSE SOLIDE ET COPIOSE explicati (1762 - 1781) (Gerhard Loci)

Tubingen: Georgii Cottae. (Johann Georg Cotta), 1762. Limited by Antiquity. Hardcover. Good. Item #MOR.4.060

This is the first Cotta edition. Twenty (20) volumes in seven (7) bound books. 1762 - 1781. Volume(s) of indices not present. Quartos. Original boards with spines covered in modern shiny black library binding material, like tape, which overlaps the boards front and back. Original overlaid corner protectors of the boards removed. Some board corners soft; two corners cracked. General light foxing except for book 7 (vol 19, 20) which is quite foxed on the title page of vol 19. Hinges sound except where noted. Former owner's bookplate (modern) on front paste down of each book. Each free endpaper (ffep) has a rectangular clip at the upper corner, approximately 1/2" deep x 3 1/2" long. The year "1869" is written in ink on all books in the upper corner of the ffep under the clip. Basic details on condition follows: Book 1 (vol 1 - 3) binding loose following page VI; signatures inclusive of pps. 25 - 120 are barely attached; hinges good. This is the only book with material pulling from binding. Book 2 (vol 4 - 6). Good. Cracked hinge after title page. Book 3 (vol 7 - 9). Good. Partially cracked front hinge. Book 4 (vol 10 - 12). Good, but front cover upper corner cracked 3" in from the corner. Book 5 (vol 13 - 15). Good. First title page creased. Book 6 (vol 16 -18). Back upper corner board cracked. Book 7 (vol 19 - 20). Heavily foxed 1st title page. Paginations in parentheses () immediately below refer to the added pages of the Conspectus Locorum Capitum, Sectionum et Reliquorum Contentorum found at the end of each volume. In volumes 13 - 20, the Conspectus is included in the pagination of the volume. Year of publication is given for each volume. Tomus Primus: 1762. 378pp. (14pp.). Tomus Secundus: 1763. 427pp. (5pp.). Tomus Tertius: 1764. 586pp. (14pp.). Tomus Quartus: 1765. 132pp + 370pp. (15pp.). Tomus Quintus: 1766. 388pp. (6pp.). Tomus Sextus: 1767. 372pp. (8pp.). Tomus Septimus: 1768. 344pp. (8pp.). Tomus Octavus: 1768. 328pp. (10pp.). Tomus Nonus: 1769. 318pp. (12pp.). Tomus Decimus: 1770. 470pp. (13pp.). Tomus Undecimus: 1772. 377pp. (11pp.). Tomus Duodecimus: 1774. 244pp + 192pp. (12pp.). Tomus Decimus Tertius: 1775. 336pp. (Conspectus pp. 329-336). Tomus Decimus Quartus: 1776. 416pp. (Conspectus pp. 409 - 416). Tomus Decimos Quintus: 1776. 490pp. (Conspectus pp. 481-490). Tomus Decimus Sextus: 1777. 332pp. (Conspectus pp. 323-332). Tomus Decimus Septimus: 1777. 360pp. (Conspectus pp. 352-360). Tomus Decimus Octavus: 1779. 384pp. (Conspectus pp. 376-384). Tomus Decimus Nonus: 1780. 334pp. (Conspectus pp. 324-334). Domus Vicesimus: 1781. 547pp.. (Conspectus pp. 537-547). Each volume has a title page. Book 1 also has an engraving of Gerhard in the front, plus a separate title page for the set which faces the engraving. Each volume has a Preface or Lecture, or in some cases more than one Preface. Pagination of such as follows: Vol 1: three Prefaces (5pp, 2pp, 43pp). Vol 2: (6pp). Vol 3: Lecturis S.D. IO. Fridericus Cotto (4pp). Vol 4: (4pp., plus an added title page to Locum de Persona et Officio Christi, etc.). Vol 5: (24pp). Vol 6: (6pp). Vol 7: (6pp). Vol 8: (Lecturi Benevolo S.D. IO. Frid. Cotta, 4pp). Vol 9: (Benevolo Lectori IO. Frid. Cotta, 4pp). Vol 10: (pp. 2-5 of regular pagination). Vol 11: (pp. 3-4 of regular pagination). Vol 12: (2pp). Vol 13: (2pp). Vol 14 (2pp). Vol 15: (2pp). Vol 16: (2pp). Vol 17: 2pp). Vol 18: (2pp). Vol 19: (Lectori Benevolo S.P.D. Georgius Henricus Muller, 4pp). Vol 20: (Georgii Henrici Mulleri, 6pp). A summary of Gerhard may be found in The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Heinrich Schmid, D.D. (Augsburg Publishing House, 1961), here quoted in part: "JOHN GERHARD, the pupil of Hutter, born 1582, professor at Jena from 1616, until his death, in 1637, a theologian "who combined rare learning, great acuteness, wonderful industry, sound judgment, and practical ability..."

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