Louisville: Seagrams. First Thus. Soft cover. Collectible Very Good. Item #5035061

Metal pin binder with label titled, Distillery Practice. Pages are mimeographed. First page contains ink stamp of the Joseph E. Seagram & Sons library, Louisville, Kentucky. Text printed on one side. 56 textual pages + 3 leaves (Outline for Some Aspects of Blending by Richard R. Slater) + new section of same (Aspects of Blending) also with library stamp (14pp) + section on Mashing (16pp) + next section on Gin (11pp). In the middle is a long, folding diagram feature 4 drawings: "Milling and Mashing," "Yeasting and Fermenting," "Distillation," "Food and Feed Recovery." On page 6 of first section has hand-written notation in ink and pencil. Contains a few tables. The leaves of he last section (Gin) are bent in a curve near the spine; we are attempting to press them out but may not be very successful. These leaves are not creased, but were just kind of not flush when the book was stored for a long time. Even with that, very good condition. We do not know the dates of use--perhaps 50 - 60 years ago. An unusual manual from a famous distillery which may or may not contain trade secrets of distillation.

Price: $275.00