ARMED COWBOY ON HORSE PHOTO. Photograph, Cowboy on horse.


n.p. n.p., 1910. Soft cover. Very Good. Item #2111065

Original sepia "snapshot", (3 1/4" x 4 3/8") of either lawman or cowboy or facsimile of either mounted on horse and wearing a revolver with a gun belt. For years I've tried to identify this man and to no avail. He looks like a stocky version of Chris Madsen with mustache trimmed but that is too much to ask most likely. I'm guessing photo circa 1910 but could be up to 1930. Close examination of the image suggests this photo could have been professionally reproduced from a chipped photo, but I do not at all believe it is a modern "copy" if it is. I've had it a long, long time.

Price: $35.50