CANADA WEST, CANADIAN WEST (complete sets). N. L. Barlee, Garnet Basque.


Summerland & Langley: Canada West; Canadian West, 1969. First Edition. Soft cover. Very Good+. Item #2105011

1st printings. Original wraps. In the Spring of 1969, British Columbia schoolteacher and later MP and Provincial Minister, N. L. Barlee, began publishing a magazine titled, Canada West. This attractively designed and printed publication was about British Columbia and sometimes Alberta mining camps, lost mines, and ghost towns - and their artifacts. Barlee did his own traveling, reporting, photographing, and hand illustrating, including maps. All the research and work, both textual and visual, was excellent. The paper he used, and the type fonts, were pleasingly tactile and hugely attractive, lending themselves to a palpable sense of the BC frontier, especially the mining frontier. Many vintage photos were also used in these publications. Barlee also published several separate (not in series) paperbound books, using the same paper and design ideas, on mining and ghost towns. Barlee was, in 1988, elected to the BC legislature and later became a minister in the government. Wikipedia says, "Barlee was also well known for his popular TV show on the history of Canada West which he co-hosted with Mike Roberts. This award-winning television series Gold Trails and Ghost Towns, ran from 1986 to 1996 on five different networks nationwide. The show is still seen in reruns." In 1976, Barlee sold out to Garnet Basque. Basque briefly kept the same design and format. Five years after Barlee sold to Basque, Barlee bought the magazine back, but published only four more issues before the magazine stopped. Garnet Basque, in 1985, began to publish a somewhat similar magazine, but with broader content and geographical range. This was titled, Canadian West. He published this for several years. Your bookseller lived in BC 1968-69 and purchased the very first issue of Canada West when it came out. Many consecutive subscriptions followed for both Barlee's and Basque's publication. Your bookseller corresponded with Barlee around this time. We are offering for sale COMPLETE RUNS of BOTH N. L. Barlee's and Garnet Basques' popular and informative magazines. These are never seen on the market. Your bookseller once had another complete set of Barlee, which was subsequently sold. Many individual issues fetch significant prices for a periodical, and many are extremely hard to find. It is fair to call either set rare, and both together even rarer. Please note that both Barlee and Basque produced other books on pioneer mining in the Canadian West (similar to Canadian West below, Basque liked to also call them "Collectors' Editions). Those are not included in this sequence. Here is the breakdown: Canada West published by Barlee, Vol. 1 #1 (Spring 1969) through Vol. 6 #4 (Fall 1976. 24 issues.) Canada West published by Garnet Basque, Vol 6 #5 (Winter 1976, he decided to issue a #5 this year, and he called it "Collectors #25) through Vol 11 # 2 (Summer 1981). There are 14 actual magazines because in one he combined issues #30, 31, & 32). Canada Illustrated published by Barlee. In 1973, Barlee experimented with a color magazine on glossy paper, and on the same subject matter. He published only 2 issues, Vol 1 #1 (Fall 1973) and #2 (Winter 1973). Canada West published by Barlee when he regained ownership. He produced 4 issues, Vol 7 #1 (Spring 1982) through Vol 7 #4 (Fall 1983). There was a one-year gap between #3 and #4. Also to be noted is that Barlee went back and resumed where he left off on numbering, so there is a Vol 7 from Barlee as well as a volume 7 from Basque. Canadian West was published by Basque. He called them "Collectors" numbers. They ran Collectors #1 (August 1985) through Collectors #36 (Summer 1994). TOTAL ISSUES: 80.

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